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The links below are offered in no particular order. If you know of another good Access-related website I should include, let me know about it .  is the best site of its kind on the internet. I am an Admin on UA.

Brent Spaulding's Find and Replace is a great replacement for Rick Fisher's commercial product.

Roger Carlson's Access Library

The Access Web , a foundation Access site.

Holy Macro Books publishes Grover Park George on Access.

Arvin Meyer The late Michael Kaplan was at Microsoft at the beginning of MS Access™.

Allen Browne

Crystal Long

Stephen Lebans

Access Junkie

Tony Toews

Gunter Avenius . Gunter has a ribbon editing tool for MS Office.

Doug Steele

Bob Larson

Duane Hookom

Daniel Pineault

Armen Stein

Tom Wickerath

John Mishefske

Ken Snell

Francisco Javier Garcia Aguado

Anders Ebro Christensen

Garry Robinson
Smart Access

Steve Schapel

Alex Dybenko

Teresa Hennig

John Viescas

Oliver Stohr

Albert Kallal

German Microsoft Access Group Contributors include MS Karl Donaubauer, Gunter Avenius, Peter Doering, Henry Habermacher and Karsten Pries, Jörg Ackermann, Anette Ratjen and Christa Gebhardt.

Jose Bengoechea Ibaceta

Dirk Goldgar

Leigh Purvis

Karl Donaubauer

Eileen's Lounge

Olaf Rabbachin

Philipp Stiefel

Y Access

Gina Whipp

Scott Walker

Sandra Daigle

Ángel Pérez Díaz

Local Microsoft Access User Groups -- A partial compendium of Sites maintained by Access User Groups.
Unfortunately, support for such sites tends to be provided by volunteers
who may or may not have time to keep them fully up-to-date.

Seattle Access Users Group (SAUG)

Portland Access User Group (PAUG)

UK Access User Group

Access User Group San Diego (AUGSD)

Chicago Access User Group (CAUG)

Access Experts Blog

Denver Area Access User Group (DAAUG)

Grupo Usuarios Access Latino America

Commercial Access Related Sites-- There are many excellent sites offering commercial software for Access Developers.
This is only a partial list.
If you have used a commercial tool that you would like to recommend, please Send Me A Link

Everything Access Wayne Phillips operates Everything Access, a great Access resource.

FMS, Inc , owned by Luke Chung, is the leading provider of Access tools.

Peter's Software Peter has a number of excellent special function tools for Access.

The Fastest and Easiest Way to Get your Access Database on the Web!

MZ-Tools If I had to limit my Third-Party Access tool kit to one tool, this would be it.

Access SQL Editor

If you like the way SSMS formats SQL statements AND retains that formatting in views and stored procedures even after they are saved and closed, you'll love Access SQL Editor.

Rick Fisher's Find and Replace CAUTION: Many recent reports indicate this site is no longer active. It's still on line, but requests for licenses are not being answered.

Send Me A Link

This turned out to be a very interesting project. With my very limited High School French and German, and a bit more extensive Spanish experience, I'm pretty comfortable identifying Access resources on sites in those languages. However, I am not sure I'd be competent at selecting sites in other languages.
So, if you can recommend a good site anywhere around the world, please Send Me A Link

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